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Kitchen Waste Management

Kitchen Waste Management / Reed Bed

Reed Bed has become the principle waste water treatment method around the world. Reed beds (vertical flow subsurface constructed wetlands) are the most significant advance in water and waste treatment since the activated waste process was first used over a century ago. Reed bed technology designs and constructs highly effective and simple to operate systems for treating a wide range of contaminant chemicals including ammonia, BOD, COD, suspended solids, organic chemicals, chlorinated organic chemicals, industrial solvents, and hydrocarbons.

Reed beds rely on biological processing of contaminants to treat water to a quality suitable for environmental disposal or reuse. But unlike activated waste, reed beds consume no energy, require no chemicals, have no moving parts, and are carbon neutral. Reed beds have been operating across Europe and the US for over 20 years to manage and treat domestic wastewater, water treatment waste, leachate and contaminated groundwater, and mining and industrial process water. These systems are still in operation today and continue to function with very little maintenance.

We design and install Reed beds to treat domestic waste water, domestic waste water, industrial wastes and contaminated wastes and mine waters. Our reed beds transform and remove a range of different contaminants from these wastes, including organic loads (BOD), petrochemicals & solvents, suspended solids & sediments, metals and nutrients.